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Federation of Petanque U.S.A., Inc. is the official governing body of the sport of Petanque in the United States.

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2015/16 Annual

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2014/15 Annual

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We are a non-profit federation of Petanque clubs which has, as its primary objective, the growth, promotion and organization of the sport of petanque in America.
FPUSA is the United States member of International Federation of Petanque and Jeu Provencal (FIPJP). The FPUSA acts as a liaison between all petanque players and all petanque clubs in the United States and throughout the world.
Check this website often for new information about this wonderful sport which has its roots in the rich French culture, and is growing in popularity in the US.


* To grow the sport of Petanque in America and raise the awareness of the American public to the sport, and to stimulate creation of new FPUSA clubs, individuals and independent members.
* To introduce petanque to public and private educational institutions throughout the nation.
* To promote competition and championships at all levels; Regional, State, National and International. For all men and women; young, juniors, and senior citizens.
* To encourage community groups, the U.S Park Service and the Park and Recreation Departments of cities to develop petanque courts in their parks.
* To publicize petanque in sport magazines, radio and television, local newspapers and special videos..

As an FPUSA Member Club You Can Benefit by:

* Enjoying National and international contacts.
* The opportunity for club members to participate in many national and international championships. Every year the FPUSA sends several petanque teams to The World Championships Senior, Men and Women.
* Having your members be able to enter official tournaments.
* The opportunity for the junior members to learn from excellent players and participate also in many types of championships.
* Being in communication through FPUSA's newsletter

Federation member clubs, their officers and all FPUSA members, including independents, have liability insurance coverage provided as part of their memberships.